June 29, 2023

ArtCenter Reaffirms Commitment to Diversity, Access, Affordability and Inclusion

I know many of you are concerned about today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision rejecting affirmative action, saying colleges and universities can no longer take race into consideration as a specific basis for admitting students.

We share your concerns and have been working for months to prepare for the possibility of this ruling, resolute in our institution’s unwavering commitment to diversity in all aspects of our community and culture. Now that the ruling has been issued, we will continue this work with general counsel and other experts, unpacking the implications while remaining steadfast in ArtCenter’s values.

I’m writing to reassure you that ArtCenter stands strong in our ideals of diversity, equity, inclusion, access and belonging as we strive to offer the best possible art and design education for all students, including underrepresented populations.

We believe that multiple points of view, life experiences, ethnicities, cultures and belief systems are essential to academic and creative excellence, and that our students are better educated, better ready for today’s workforce and better prepared to be responsible global citizens when they learn within a community rich with diverse people and perspectives.

ArtCenter College of Design, with diversity at its core, will continue to grow and evolve as one of the country’s preeminent schools of art and design.

In support,

Karen Hofmann