February 25, 2022

Support for Ukraine

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Over the last few days, the situation in Ukraine has escalated beyond imagination. Russia’s military operation raises deep concern for many members of our community and compounds the anguish some of us have felt on several matters these last few years. Furthermore, there exists at ArtCenter students, faculty, staff and alumni who are either from Ukraine and/or have loved ones that currently live there. Our hearts go out especially to them.

We stand with Ukraine and fully support every diplomatic measure our country might take alongside our global allies to pressure Russia to withdraw. And we champion those in Ukraine who are fighting for the sovereignty of their homeland.

As always, artists and designers have many tools at their disposal to express themselves, reflect the world around them, and take action in meaningful ways. If you are able, we encourage you to support organizations whose efforts are to protect the wellbeing of Ukrainian citizens. You might consider a donation to one of the following agencies:

International Committee of the Red Cross
United Help Ukraine

We’d also like to remind you of resources we have available for members of our community. Students in need of emotional support are encouraged to contact the Center for the Student Experience to consult with a campus mental health counselor. Staff and faculty should consult with our Employee Assistance Program.

I know we will continue to watch events in Ukraine unfold with deep concern. And we join in hope for a swift and peaceful resolution.

Lorne M. Buchman
ArtCenter College of Design