March 18, 2021

Supporting our Asian and Asian American Communities

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

In response to an escalation in xenophobic, harassment, and violence against members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, ArtCenter stands in solidarity with those who are experiencing this wave of senseless emotional and physical cruelty. “Our hearts go out to our entire AAPI family. We stand strong in the fight against the growing violence targeted at this community and denounce all forms of baseless hatred,” said President Lorne M. Buchman.

Discrimination, harassment and hate crimes against any community are unacceptable. We encourage those who experience or witness acts of hate towards anyone to report the incident immediately. Moreover, as allies in this journey, we urge members of our campus community to educate themselves on the history of racism against Asians in the United States, which dates back to the 19th century. Among some of the most visible forms of systemic racism perpetrated against Asians and the Asian American Pacific Islander community include:

Page Act: 1875 Banned Chinese women from immigrating to the United States
Chinese Exclusion Act: 1882 Chinese laborers were unable to immigrate to the United States
Colonization of the Philippines: 1898–1946 The United States settles in the Philippines until the Treaty of Manila is signed
Executive Order 9066: 1942 Japanese Americans were wrongfully incarcerated in internment camps for fear that they were spies
SARS Virus: 2003 Chinese people blamed for its origins
SARS-CoV-2 Virus: 2020 Chinese people blamed for its origins

Resources for Addressing Anti-Asian Racism

Below is a short list of resources to address and counter anti-Asian racism in the time of coronavirus.

Where to Report or Document Incidents of Hate Crimes, Harassment or Discrimination
Reporting Policy Violations at ArtCenter
Stop AAPI Hate
Safety Tips
Filing a Complaint against a Landlord, Business or Employer
Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council

Dialogue and Teaching Resources
Learning For Justice (Faculty Resources)
Speak Up at School Pocket Guide Addressing Bias
Show Up, Your Guide to Bystander Intervention (PDF)

Tips for Coping and Care
Racial Stress and Self Care
Self-Care Tips For Asian Americans Dealing With Racism Amid Coronavirus

Additional Resources and Support
Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Protecting Asian American and Pacific Islander Working People in response to COVID-19
ArtCenter's Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Center for the Student Experience

We encourage you to use your voice and energy to create the change that mirrors the values we embrace at ArtCenter.



Aaron I. Bruce, MIBA, Ph.D.

Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer
ArtCenter College of Design