Detail of Matthew Rolston's Nicki Minaj, Kaleidoscope II.
Image courtesy Matthew Rolston Creative, Inc. Copyright © MRCI 2017. All rights reserved.

video / alumni / photography-and-imaging
December 14, 2016
Produced by Christine Spines

CHANGE/MAKERS: Matthew Rolston—Photographer, Director and Creative Director

Ever since Andy Warhol hired then-ArtCenter student Matthew Rolston to shoot a portrait of Steven Spielberg for Interview magazine, Rolston has continued to redefine the modern meaning of glamour and what it is to be a celebrity in an image, photo or video.

In this intimate video portrait, Rolston reflects on his creative evolution and how his twin passions for Golden Era Hollywood and Richard Avedon have informed his vast back catalogue of iconic magazine covers, music videos and commercials.