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Change Lab Podcast Featuring Mari Nakano, Social Impact Designer with the New York City Mayor’s Office

Mari Nakano (MFA 10 Media Design Practices) is a social impact designer and ArtCenter alum deploying design problem solving to improve the lives of at-risk populations around the world. She was recently named Deputy Director of the Service Design Studio with the New York City’s Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity. Previously, Mari spent four years as the Design and Interaction Lead for UNICEF’s Office of Innovation.

Mari has dedicated much of her career to helping children and underserved communities worldwide. Raised in a household of makers, Mari merged her separate but equal passions for creative self expression and social activism when she earned her graduate degree from ArtCenter and embarked on a trailblazing career in the nascent field of social innovation, designing solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

You can plan ahead all that you want, but you’ve got to be in the present as well as the future at the same time.

In today’s episode, Mari examines her experiences designing for social good as a key member of UNICEF's Innovation team, how she uses her problem-solving tactics closer to home in her new role with the New York City Mayor’s Office and trusting her intuition and curiosity to guide her efforts to do make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Mari Nakano

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