Terry Carr

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April 23, 2018

The Power of Intuition: Meet Industrial Designer Terry Carr

ArtCenter: What are you working on right now?
Terry Carr (BS 13 Product Design) industrial designer, Plantronics: Wearable technology that helps users stay active, like earphones with a coach or guide in whatever exercise you’re doing that communicates your stats and heart rate.

AC: What’s the most unique thing you’ve designed?
TC: I started a strategy at ArtCenter to bring low-cost healthy meals to low-income areas. It resonated with me because it’s the type of area I grew up in. I’ve also seen family members suffer because of health-related issues. I like to workout and stay fit, and I know how great it feels. Since then, almost everything I’ve done has had some aspect to help people get healthy.

AC: What do you like most about your job?
TC: The freedom.

AC: How do you define success?
TC: To me, success is always learning. Whether it’s a failure or a win, if I learn from it, I’ve succeeded because moving forward, I can adjust.

AC: Do you have any superstitions?
TC: I keep a $2 bill in my wallet my grandmother gave me a long time ago. I don’t feel right if I don’t have it.

AC: What’s the design cliché you’re most tempted to use?
TC: I always start with Helvetica — it’s just clean.

AC: What’s the one tool you can’t do without?
TC: Pen and paper.

AC: What’s the first site you look at when you open your computer in the morning?
TC: Mercola — it’s about taking control of your health. I’ve learned so much from this site, and I recommend it to everyone.

Listen to your intuition. We have to be able to tap in to that as designers, so hone that skill.

Terry Carr
Terry Carr Product Design

AC: What do you do to detox from media and screens?
TC: CrossFit. I do it every day at 5:30 a.m.

AC: If you could trade jobs with anyone for a day who would it be?
TC: A singer, even though I can’t sing. It’s the ultimate form of creativity. You can touch thousands of people in one moment — that’s magical.

AC: What book is on your bedside table?
TC: I don’t have any books or gadgets in my bedroom, but on my desk I have The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Malcolm X.

AC: Who are the most interesting designers working today?
TC: I’m inspired by Yves Béhar. He’s involved in so many things and continues to produce quality work.

AC: Describe a moment in your childhood where you first identified as a designer.
TC: I would always take a shoe or car, and draw it as is, and then draw three of four iterations of my own design. My mother has all of these saved — it’s really cool to see the progression.

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AC: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
TC: My first thought is flying, but then I think of how long it takes to fly places. Maybe teleportation, so I can go somewhere in an instant.

AC: What’s your most prized possession?
TC: The ability to be creative.

AC: Where is your happy place?
TC: There’s something magical about meditation.

AC: How would your closest friend describe you?
TC: Unpredictable.

AC: What’s your best piece of advice for an ArtCenter student who’s interested in following your career path?
TC: Listen to your intuition. We have to be able to tap in to that as designers, so hone that skill.