Serving Up "Reinvention" in Debut Issue of ArtCenter On

New publication from the College to shine a light on matters top of mind for today's artists and designers

Welcome to the very first issue of ArtCenter On. Maybe you're reading this because you picked up a physical copy (yes, print lives!) on campus. Maybe you received an issue in the mail. Or maybe you discovered us online. Either way, we're so glad you're here.

Some of you may be familiar with the College's print magazine Dot. The flagship publication of the College, Dot began in the mid-'90s and underwent several redesigns during its 16-year run. And while the magazine was much-loved and ran many stories of which we are quite proud (all of which you can still read, thanks to ArtCenter Archives), we felt it was time for a change. Specifically, we wanted to transform Dot into a publication that focuses more acutely on the important discussions taking place both in our classrooms and in the world at large.

After publishing the final issue of Dot magazine during the spring of 2022, the Dot print team hit "pause" and then went to work reimagining the look, feel and purpose of the College's flagship publication. Today, the end result is now in your handsOr, if it's not, you should at least open a PDF of the issue to see how it turned out!

In her introduction to the first issue, President Karen Hofmann explains why making a change felt important. "Amplifying urgent topics that require the attention of artists and designers is where we believe ArtCenter On can truly make a difference," writes Hofmann. "Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of such topics that the next generation of creatives must confront—climate change, economic and political instabilities, and a host of social and political tensions, to name just a few."

Each issue of ArtCenter On will focus on a theme, with the first issue’s theme being “Reinvention.” "How we teach, learn and work continues to evolve at a time when institutions of higher learning are being challenged to prove their value," writes Hofmann of how the College today finds itself in a post-pandemic period of reinvention. "As we propel ourselves headfirst toward our 100th anniversary in 2030, it is our responsibility to rethink, reimagine and reinvent how we deliver the most relevant and meaningful art and design education possible to our students."

Physically smaller in size but structured as to allow for more in-depth storytelling, each issue of ArtCenter On will include: two written features on timely topics; a feature-length excerpt from a publication, or newly commissioned work, written by a member of the ArtCenter community; and cover art and illustrations exploring the theme of the issue, also by a member of the community. That's the plan. Of course, publications often take a life of their own, so don't be surprised if something unexpected pops up in the future. 

Our first issue includes a feature on the impact that generative AI is having on artists and designers; a feature on the future of sustainable personal transportation; an excerpt from Trustee and dreams • design + life founder Kevin Bethune's (MS 12) Reimagining Design: Unlocking Strategic Innovation on the critical reasons why companies need to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion; cover art and illustrations by Keiji Ishida (BFA 23) on the theme of "Reinvention"; and an "In Practice" spotlight on designer Joe Doucet's (BFA 99) Sotera Advanced Helmet.

We hope you enjoy ArtCenter On, and that something in these pages resonates with you. As always, we would love to hear from you. Whether you have feedback on the latest issue or an idea for a future story, please drop us a line at

Mike R. Winder
Editor, ArtCenter On

September 27, 2023

ArtCenter On's first issue features a cover and illustrations by alum Keiji Ishida (BFA 23).
The first issue includes an excerpt from Kevin Bethune's Reimagining Design. Photo by Juan Posada.

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