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Immersive virtual learning for applied art and design.

ArtCenter Online is your gateway to a world-class art and design education— reimagined for remote learners. No matter your schedule, location or skill level, our program provides access to professional expertise, renowned creativity and a state-of-the-art learning experience.Our courses are tailored to the needs of aspiring designers and creative industry professionals seeking to upgrade their skills, as well as prospective students interested in ArtCenter’s degree program.

Currently, we're proud to offer Be the Creative Director (BtheCD) a remote-first introductory course, presented by one of the oldest Creative Direction programs in the country.

Additionally, we offer the first two levels of our ArtCenter Online Car Design courses, based on our renowned Transportation Design degree program, through a remote-first curriculum.

Our library of virtual courses is always growing with classes in Entertainment Design and Graphic Design coming soon.

Take the first course in our Car Design series for a test drive. For a limited time, we're offering the first lesson for free.

Introducing our first course in Creative Direction: BtheCD

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This is my favorite online course I've ever taken. Everything was so easy to use and self-explanatory — this course was phenomenal.

JoshuaArtCenter Online student

Take your creativity to the next level:

  • Expertise: Learn from working professionals using the renowned ArtCenter approach
  • Inspiration: Discover and develop your own voice as a designer
  • Community: Connect with a network of fellow aspiring artists and designers
  • Development: Refine your skills and build a body of work through instructor-led critique and peer feedback
  • Guidance: Feel supported with guided lecture, exercises and assignments
  • Flexibility: Participate from any location at a pace that suits your schedule

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