Michael "Mike" Milley

Graduate Media Design


Mike Milley is the Principal Futurist at Mercedes-Benz R&D in North America, where he uses strategic foresight and design thinking to anticpate change through the lenses of luxury and mobility. Prior to that, he was the Director of Foresight & Strategy at BMW Designworks in Los Angeles.

Mike was the founding Global Director of Samsung’s Lifestyle Research Lab, a forward-looking think tank that uses human-focused foresight to envision product opportunities across Samsung’s markets. Based in Silicon Valley, he led teams in London, São Paulo, Singapore, and Delhi. 

As an independent creative consultant, Mike has collaborated with clients ranging from Coca-Cola to Christian Dior to the Cooper Hewitt/Smithsonian Instituion. Early in his career, he worked at Nike and Philips and designed the premier issue of Nylon Magazine.

Mike was educated at Columbia University and Parsons School of Design. He's been on the faculty of Art Center's Media Design Program for over 10 years.