June 7–8, 2024

Beyond Supersonic: South Campus Celebration

As ArtCenter recognizes the 20th anniversary of South Campus, we’re also celebrating a monumental new chapter for the College.

We're thrilled to unveil several innovative spaces for learning that further transform a former supersonic aircraft-testing facility into a place where the next generation of artists and designers will continue breaking barriers of their own.

The opening of these state-of-the-art facilities—including the Mullin Transportation Design Center and the Mobility Experience Lab by Genesis, Hyundai & Kia—brings to life a long-envisioned plan to establish a dynamic future forward creative hub that serves as the focal point for ArtCenter’s entire South Campus complex.

Filled with student work from across ArtCenter’s disciplines, we invite you to explore these new spaces at our Beyond Supersonic celebration, featuring a robust lineup of signature ArtCenter experiences including our Design Invitational car show along with film screenings, gallery installations and panel discussions and a creative marketplace.

We look forward to seeing you at the celebration!

Join us in celebration of this momentous occasion as we go: Beyond Supersonic!

Embrace change. This is when we can most differentiate ourselves from others.

Peter W. Mullin

Evolution of South Campus

Event Schedule

Friday, June 7th

By invite only

Mobility Experience Lab by Genesis, Hyundai & Kia

Ribbon-cutting and Lunch

Mullin Transportation Design Center

Ribbon-cutting and Dinner

Saturday, June 8th

9 a.m.–3 p.m.

Mullin Transportation Design Center (MTDC)

Explore this dynamic, creative hub that features 31,000 square feet of specialized labs, classrooms, exhibition spaces, studios and more.

Mobility Experience Lab by Genesis, Hyundai & Kia

Get a glimpse of the immersive, state-of-the-art technology ArtCenter students from across all disciplines will use to explore the future of mobility, user experience and interaction design.

Design Invitational

Celebrate 75 years of ArtCenter’s Transportation Design department at the College’s third annual Design Invitational, an exhibition of iconic vehicles presented by the alumni and industry partners who brought them to life.

Art Market

Buy zines, prints, T-shirts and so much more directly from the students and alumni who made them.

Hours: 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Panel Discussions

AI and the Future of Creative Work
Join us for a panel discussion hosted by the Media & Technology division, on the transformative effects of AI-powered creative tools on designers and artists. From disruptions to ethical considerations and new opportunities, we'll share examples of innovative ArtCenter classes, recent student work, and discuss what it means for education at ArtCenter.

The Future of Car Design: Changing Roles and Responsibilities, Tools, and Processes
"The Future of Car Design: Changing Roles and Responsibilities, Tools, and Processes" panel at ArtCenter College of Design marks a pivotal moment during the institution's 75th anniversary celebration of its Transportation Design Program. This insightful discussion gathers industry experts, visionary creatives, design leaders and educators to explore the transformative landscape of automotive design. Delving into the evolving roles and responsibilities of designers in an era of rapid technological advancement and sustainability imperatives, the panel will dissect emerging trends, innovative tools, and evolving design processes shaping the future of transportation. This panel promises to illuminate the dynamic trajectory of car design and inspire the next generation of trailblazing designers.

908 Fabrication Shops

Get a sneak peek at the new shops and see examples of the types of projects students will be able to create in this new facility.

Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography (HMCT)

See demonstrations and experience letterpress printing at HMCT’s Archetype Press, California’s largest letterpress facility.

Student Showcases

Stroll the galleries and see incredible work by up-and-coming artists and designers.

IdentificarX Exhibition

Be among the first to see this exhibition celebrating the legacy of ArtCenter’s Latina/e/o/x alumni, one week before it opens to the public.

Fun and Games

Personalized illustrated portraits, life-size coloring pages, RC car races, lawn games, ArtCenter trivia and more!