As the discipline of design continues to broaden its scope and impact throughout the world, the Designmatters minor in social innovation provides students the tools to explore new career options and enter the workforce with an expanded skillset. The objective is to prepare students to either pursue further education or embark on diverse professional pathways where they might contribute their talents across multiple sectors and disciplinary and organizational boundaries.

With the minor, students can contemplate a wide spectrum of professional roles in organizations that are addressing and/or anticipating the emergent issues and complexity or our times. Positions will range from creative roles in the private sector (e.g. in start-ups, social enterprises, and major corporations) to new and emerging openings for design expertise in the public sector (e.g. working with innovation teams in government agencies; shaping strategy and communications in mission driven non-profit organizations and international non-governmental agencies).

Designmatters alumni in the field hold positions of “Human-Centered Designer,” “Social Entrepreneur,” and “Design Innovation Lead”, and act regularly as mediators, synthesizers and key contributors of social and environmental challenges at a strategic level.

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