ArtCenter faculty are the keys to success in Designmatters real-world studios: they guide students through 14 weeks of intensive research, concept development, prototyping and final project delivery, all while fostering a lab-like environment in the studio that is marked by open innovation and professionalism. Designmatters pulls creative and talented faculty from across disciplines at ArtCenter to navigate complex challenges in the studio, and lead young designers through collaborative and experiential learning around critical issues with engaging external partners.

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Todd Masilko

Interaction Design

Krystina Castella

Product Design

Tyrone Drake

Graphic Design

Penny Herscovitch

Environmental Design

Dan Gottlieb

Environmental Design

Guillaume Wolf

Graphic Design

Sherry Hoffman

Humanities & Sciences

Arden Stern

Humanities & Sciences

Dot Magazine

Designmatters partners with LAUSD to make guns "uncool"


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