Jini Zopf

ArtCenter At Night / Design Matters / Environmental Design / Graphic Design / Product Design


Jini is a 3rd generation designer. Her earliest memories involve drawing and discussing design themes with her family. She graduated with honors from ArtCenter College of Design in Illustration and then began this incredible adventure in her design career. 

She has a passion for inspiring and strategically leading teams of creatives to soar far beyond the realm of what they thought possible. She believes that teams that are well-fueled and empowered are able to create above and beyond their expectations. Over her 15 years in branding, packaging, product design, style guide creation and design leadership, she has learned that keeping herself inspired, remembering it is about the people, not the task and finding the learning in each project keeps her curious and highly engaged.

In Jini's 20-year design career, so far she has heald in-house creative leadership positions at LEGO, Airstream Inc, Disney, Mattel (Hot Wheels). LinkedIn


  • HBUS-200-03: The Design Professional
  • PRD-251-01: Product Design 3
  • IMER-103-02: Drawing
  • SXD-413-01: Portfolio Studio 2
  • GPKG-202-03: Package Des 1: Des Principles
  • PRD-441-03: Package Des 1: Des Principles
  • PRD-251-03: Product Design 3
  • GPKG-252-03: Package Design 2: Brand Sys
  • PRD-442-03: Package Design 2: Brand Sys