Nikita Bridan

Transportation Design


Nikita Bridan is a Transportation Design consultant and Futurist specializing in big picture future design thinking, planning and executing, currently free-lancing for General Motors Advanced design in North Hollywood. Nikita began studying transportation design in Italy at age 16 before moving to California and graduating Art Center College of design in 2010. where he ha taught on and off since 2012.  During the last 10 years he has worked for and made significant contributions to the design teams at Toyota, Honda/Acura as well as Hyundai and Volkswagen, influencing future product, design language, user experiences and design process at these studios. Nikita works primarily in advanced design trying to grasp future trends, architectures and social issues and how to bring this all together in a cohesive, design statement.


  • TRAN-271-01: Visual 4