Zohrab Gevorkian

Creative Direction


Z has had the good fortune to work with really smart and talented people from places like Chiat/Day/Tequila, SapientNitro, Razorfish, Rosetta, SapientRazorfish and WONGDOODY. He’s picked up a few cool nicknames and done good work along the way. On his downtime he paints, snowboards, plays the role of a night owl, plays chess, reads a lot of books (nerd is the new black), enjoys a few games (gamer tag: KOoNEMKEZzzz) and spends time with this loved ones. He also teaches at ArtCenter, helping give back from where he got his. A few of his proud moments are: Getting into ArtCenter, Graduating ArtCenter, Helping kids get clean water by working on The TAP Project by UNICEF, seeing Black Ops II take off, and most of all, seeing his students graduate and start their careers.


  • ACX-538-01: Intro to Creative Direction