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ArtCenter Library

The ArtCenter Library actively supports the teaching and research mission of ArtCenter. It serves as the College’s main collaborative learning environment, where students and faculty from various departments gather to explore, discover and create. It is also open to alumni and external researchers.

The Library is a specialized visual arts library designed for aspiring artists and designers. It includes more than 104,000 books; 430 periodical subscriptions; 10,000 feature films, documentaries, and animation clips; a growing zine collection; and numerous online research databases. In addition, the Library works with faculty members to acquire the necessary resources to enhance their teaching. 

Outside the classroom and studio, the Library is pivotal in providing ArtCenter students with informal learning spaces. Students have access to their Liaison Librarians who provide research assistance on a walk-in basis and by appointment. In addition, Liaison Librarians support faculty by providing library instruction and workshops to help students develop research and information literacy skills.

The Library also includes the ArtCenter Archives, a repository for official and unofficial records that document ArtCenter’s history. The Archives contains historical images and material of enduring value generated by faculty, academic departments, administrative offices, students and campus organizations.

We welcome you to visit and explore the Library and its website where you will discover diverse resources to inspire and help you conduct research.

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